/  2.1 How to copy to another account/character

2.1 How to copy to another account/character

1. Requirements

This guide page involves transferring and copying BindPad addon assigned hotkeys, but methods described here can be used for any such same settings

– If you don’t have BindPad, please, visit previous guide to get started on it or keep reading this page if you configured binds without use BindPad addon

– If you have BindPad and you need exactly transfer (not copy) all binds it’s recommended to get installed NotePad++ (or any same text editor to comfort view and edit file)

– Your game must be closed at any step in this guide

2. Concept

The game uses a WTF folder (C:\Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF or C:\Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft\_classic_\WTF) to hold on your local computer configurations for addons, character and game settings. The character’s storage hierarchy is tied by his name and the name of his server. So once changed name or server you have to transfer settings from old signification to new one by methods below.

Addon BindPad uses file “BindPad.lua” which can be found in your WTF like (WTF\Account\1111111#1\SavedVariables), this file always saves when you normally do logout from game (not like Alt+F4, in this case all your changes can be lost)

Your game must be closed at any step in this guide

Make sure what in your BindPad (/bp) you DO NOT have enabled “Save Hotkeys” because it can apply you issues between transfer keybinds!

3. How to copy settings to another computer (pc)

– If you use few computers it’s important to note what your WTF folders must be always synchronized between all computers and remain be equal each other, same situation with file “Config.ini” which is used for launcher and your addons (C:\Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft\_retail_\interface\addons or C:\Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft\_classic_\interface\addons). So once you changed something in these files or folders you have to keep same changes on another computer also.

4. How to copy/transfer settings to another account/character

If you have done assignments with binds in-game on character and you need to copy all for another character:

– Open WTF folder and your account folder which is used by character on which you done assignments. If you can’t find it then inside each account folder you will see folder with name of your server, inside that server folder you will find your character name folder, if you found it then that’s correct account folder.

– If you need to copy or transfer settings under same account: In your WTF\Account\1111111#1 open SavedVariables and right click to edit file named “BindPad.lua”, select option “Edit with NotePad++” (if you have). Press Ctrl+F to open search console and type there your character name on which you have done all assignments. If you didn’t found any result then you opened wrong Account folder. If you found at least something, check key in “[ ]” block, there are must be syntax “Character name” and “Character’s server”. Find your correct key by character name + server name, copy found key-block til his end (not end of the file) and make insert (paste) above or below copied block as new block. After that replace in the key of copied block previous character name with server to new one which is used by another character on which you want to copy settings. Make sure what you do not have same replaced key name, if you found repeat delete another repeat key-block. After that open character’s folder on which you have done assignments inside your account folder (WTF\Account\1111111#1\ServerName\CharacterName) and copy all files, then open character’s folder of the another character on which you want to copy settings and make insert (paste) all what you copied, click “Yes” on questions about overwrite or replace files, if you don’t have some folders you need to create them manually or once login by that character in-game to have created his relative folders

– If you need to copy settings to another account: In your WTF\Account find account folder which was configured by assignments and copy all inside, then open another account folder on which you want to copy settings nad insert (paste) all copied content, click “Yes” on questions about overwrite or replace files. If you did transfer to another server or changed name of the character then read step about “under same account” above

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