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Do you have any error or problem?

Here are the solutions of common errors:

CryptDecrypt error

Download module file and replace old module

Doesn't open/start/launch/run

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

  • Delete KB4100403 Windows Update (Control Panel > Delete programs)

​Solution 3:

  • You trying launch it from system folder such as Desktop. Here is 3 ways how to fix it:

1. Disable UAC, FireWall and AntiVirus

2. Put .EXE to another folder like D:\folder​

3. Right on folder where you have .exe and go to proporties then into security, click to edit permissions and enable for all users all rights, also make sure what you don’t have enabled “ReadOnly”


Solution 4: ​

​Reinstall Window OS or disable from boot menu (Win+R > msconfig) every non default services with programs or boot in safe mode (if in safe mode it works then you will need find conflict program which cause this issue and turn it off)

Solution 5: ​

  • Open Config.ini and use search for “TempF”, copy Config.ini into this path

Server error connection (ERROR_STATUS=)

Solution 1:​

  • Disable antivirus, proxy and firewall

Solution 2: ​

  • There is a problem with your internet provider (BT). You need ask Internet provider to help fix it. Today there is only 1 way to avoid it – use a VPN like HotSpotShield or ProtonVPN


Solution 1:​

  • Set Google DNS (link) /

Solution 2:

  • Reboot PC / Router (modem internet)

Forbidden name error

Make sure what you don’t have forbidden text contains in path to your file and itself file name is seems as program which you have on computer. Some times people have this issue, you can fix it with next ways:

  1. Open .ini file and add line Rename=1 under [Main] section. If you haven’t .ini file then you should create it with name “Config.ini”.
  2. If first step didn’t help then you need make Win+R on keyboard, write %TEMP% and press “Enter”, you have copy.ini in this folder.
  3. Also copy .ini in path folder which you can find in itself.ini under [TempFolder] section.
  4. Didn’t help? Contact support

The routine doesn't do anything

Solution 1:​

  • You didn’t binded ALL keys means EVERY ONE key
  • Visit this page​ Synchronization

Solution 2:​

  • Only if graphic card (AMD / Intel) or you use Virtual Machine
  • Increase Pixel Variation until it works by step +1

Colors are different between NVIDIA and another cards as well as broadcasting through Virtual Machine

Solution 3:​

  • LUA Scale Fix automatically will resize frames since 73040 Loader version
  • Go in game and check what your resolution is NOT as CUSTOM. Change it to numbers same as it has Desktop resolution and make sure it will set to Windowed(fullscreen)
  • Users who have 1366×786 or smaller should make game in Windowed(fullscreen) only, windows size can might not be supported. If your resolution bigger than 1920×1080 then use next commands into game chat:
    • For YYYYx2160 use this: /run UIParent:SetScale(0.35556997615814)​
    • For YYYYx1440 use this: /run UIParent:SetScale(0.53333997615814)​
    • For YYYYx1080 or smaller use this: /run UIParent:SetScale(0.64999997615814)​

Make sure that your Windows resolution is same as in game, and inside game it’s not as CUSTOM

Solution 4:​

  • IgnoreCheckHotkeys should be enabled if you haven’t assigned everything exception START, Potion, Racials and Target Raid keys
  • 80019+ version of Loader. Navigate to tray menu -> Source Settings -> Enable IgnoreCheckHotkeys -> Save. About tray menu here (click to open page)
  • Old versions of Loader. Open Loader main launcher -> Find in the left side IgnoreCheckHotkeys -> Enable it

​Solution 5:​

  • Change CaptureMode if it is LockBits because it can be not supported by your OS​

Solution 6:​

  • Make sure that your Windows DPI scale is 100% or game in Fullscreen (without borders) with same resolution which have your desktop, if it’s lower than desktop’s then set last (max) resolution option/
    How to change DPI read here (click to open page)

Solution 7:​

  • Navigate Game/Interface/ and make sure that you don’t have ICON folder.
  • Delete it if it’s exist then restart game and try again​

ICON applying custom textures for certain spells and it making colors different

Solution 8:​

  • Make sure what you don’t have in the left upper corner something which can hide pixels or be under them (like FPS counter, or specific addons)
  • If something hide left upper corner by your custom overlay then move your widgets away

Solution 9:​

  • Only for NVIDIA with GTX / RTX video card serials​
    • Disable DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution): NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > DSR — Factors > Set “Off”​

Solution 10:​

  • NOT supported addon list:
    • GSE (gnomesequencer enhanced), Masque, AddOnSkins
    • Any other relative addons which can change texture spell skins from default
  • Disable ALL addons and leave only: TellMeWhen (or Rubim RH + Rubim RH Extra + HeroCache + HeroLib if you have them, or WA if you use it) + BindPad

Solution 11:​

  • Only for Windows OS
    • Probably you have enabled High Contrast or Color Filters inside Windows:

Guide to disable High Contrast: click here
Guide to disable Color Filters: click here

Solution 12:

  • Disable “Flicker with low health” in World of Warcraft. Main menu (ESC) > Interface > Combat > Select checkbox “Disable flicker with low health”
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I see these pictures and I don't understand what is it

Here is Potion and Trinket binds, make sure that you have bound every one key before notice about issue! You must have ALL means EVERY ONE key set

Visit this page

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I have LUA ERROR Spam


  • Open game chat and write /console scriptErrors 0

I have camera bug when I right click it can sometimes turn like 90 degrees


  • Open game chat and write /console rawMouseEnable 1

Issue with mouse pointer/camera stutter and lag while Loader running only


  • Enable “Filter Keys” in Windows settings

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I am ASIAN User or game in Chinese Language


  • ​Run Loader > Navigate to tray menu > select “Source Settings” > Write in Custom Window name string next:
    • 魔兽世界 <Wow.exe>
    • OR 魔兽世界
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Mouse and keyboard hooks have been disabled / I use AZERTY keyboard


  • Since 73040 Loader version no need take attention on this, its fixed
    1. Setup keyboard layout to default English(USA) in Windows (install langue if you don’t have)

    2. Open Loader Settings.ini > change next strings as:

      1. SendMode=Physical

      2. CaptureMode=Buffer

I use Virtual Machine


  • For AZERTY or Virtual Machine users who got issues with keyboard switch, you can turn it off:
    1. Navigate to tray menu > Right Click on Loader > Select “KB Fix Switch”

    2. Confused where is tray menu? Look picture above

Is not a valid key name

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Since 80019 Loader version no need take attention on this, its fixed

Solution 1:​

  • Change KeyBoard layout to default English (USA or International), download their langues components (you can find download in “Options” of current langue layout)​

Solution 2:

  • Update Loader to 73039 or greater, visit tray menu > right click > select checked “KB Fix Switch”

  • About tray menu here (click to open page)

Solution 3:

  • Try different SendMode (you can also change SendMode inside of Loader Settings.ini, alavailable vaues: Default, Standart, Physical, Virtual)

Solution 4:

  • Try download English requirements for Windows (or even change Windows on English langue)

Low FPS (Frame Drop)


  1. Disable in Loader launcher: RunAsAdmin, Turbo, Logs, AutoRAM Cleaner

  2. Set up to 100 for ReadingDelay. Set 75 for SendingDelay

  3. Reduce game settings for graphic + disable another addons

  4. Set DirectX11 in game settings, disable vertical synchronization, G-Sync (if you have it in NVIDIA Control Panel)

  5. Open game folder and find wow.exe > Right click on it > Compatibility > Turn off Fullscreen optimization

  6. In Windows disable UAC, set Basic style or disable Aero(if its Win7 OS). Also make best performance checked (Right Click on my computer > select Advanced > Performance)

  7. Win+R > msconfig > Boot > Additional options.. > Select max processors

  8. Win+R > msconfig > service and startup > Turn off all non using services with programs

  9. Disable DVR (Windows > Xbox > Settings, you will need create account)

  10. Disable DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution): NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > DSR — Factors > Set “Off”

  11. Increase “Update Interval” as much as you’ll feel comfort play FPS, default: 0,06 and extra super fast reaction: 0,00. 0,00 – heavy load CPU!

    • /tmw > Right click some where on something frame > General > General parameters

I have 2 or more monitors

Solution 1:​

  • Open Source Settings by right click on small tray icon of Loader (where you have TIME/DAY/MONTHS/YEAR) and set custom X and Y offsets if you know, if not then follow solution 2 or contact us

Solution 2:​

  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel (or in windows) and set gaming monitor in the left upper corner and other monitors after. First monitor should be in x0, y0
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I am NVIDIA user but still need use Pixel Variation // My routines work only on high 10+ variation


  • Disable any Anti-Aliasing in game, also vertical synchronization.

  • Open Colors Managment (Windows start -> colors (or color settings/managment)) and select your VideoCard, then delete any exist profiles.

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Download color.rar:

  • Download Color.rar and put files from archive in the next folder: C:\Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color

  • Press OK always, if some files can’t be overwrited then skip it.

  • In Colors Managment window select tab3 (last tab) and set all as default, make uncheck USE WINDOWS CALIBRATION

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I use AMD and I have issues to make it work

Update your video drivers, open AMD control panel and check setting for control temperature, it’s must be Automatic, look example on screenshot below

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