Advanced version Druid


PRO PvP + PvE Routines for ALL class specs (Single + AoE)

  • Based on resources simcraft / icy veins / wowhead, including the conditions of imun for PvP and many other smart conditions for each specialization and situation

* CD Burst Toggle and Azerite traits are included (community profiles)


  •   Icy-Veins rotation with pre opener, don’t support only next: flask, 1 legendary


  •   Simcraft rotation PvE, custom PvP rotation with multi-dots on arena.


  •   Icy-Veins / AllMMORPG rotation, support PvP conditions for flags “FK”


  •  Support healing by mouseover(possible deactivate) + target, also damage rotation with same units + targettarget
  •  Support raid healing, automated tranquility
  •  PvP logic included depend on enemy targeting, bursting and friendly defensive


RESTOR: Damage rotation also available for targettarget unit if your current target friendly


Smart Trinket rotation

  • Its does not available if you do not have CC


Smart Kicker and AntiFake ManuallyKick

  • Kicker has filters for unit specs and their cast names. Only arena1-3 units (not your target and only at Arena, BG zone)
  • ManuallyKick never kick inaccessible or empty cast bar on your TARGET unit. He check imun buffs/debuffs also!


ReTarget and ReFocus

  • Returns the last stored target and focus (only Arena)
  • Get the invisible (druid, mage or rogue) unit as focus after opening the Arena gate and as soon as he appears he will immediately return as exist focus
  • Retarget very useless against Hunter “Pretending to be dead”


TotemTarget and Flags (R)BG

  • You need move mouse under unit bar to use it
  • These opportunities are editable
  • You can set totem names which you want to target also as flags


Passive Rotation

  • HealthStone
  • Protected abilities (Survival Instincts, Barkskin, Ironbark, Frenzied Regeneration and etc)
  • Feral Multi-dots on arena1-3 units
  • StopCasting if you have dark simulacrum and casting cyclone
  • Smart any dispels (party1-2) for magic/decurse
  • Sprint, Reshift, Smart Roots for arena enemy, Smart Thorn for party units

Macro Spells

Support PLAYER, PARTY1-2, ARENA1-3 units

  • Your friend (or any other mate) can call your Renewal, Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Thorns, Dispel and Kicks via simply macroes
  • Just macro power!
  • AntiFake CC
  • or any another CC spell for any one unit

Checking range, imun buffs (like buble, ground totem) and debuffs (like cyclone) for your unit. Never miss your CC any more!

Also we have rotation for it:

  • If you have Mighty Bash and Focus (its default unit, you can change it) out of range and if you have Wild Charge, then cast Cat Form > Wild Charge on Focus > Mighty Bash
  • If you are Balance then only cyclone check
  • If you are Restor then cyclone check, if you don’t have cyclone then rotation for Mighty Bash

Are you interested in Advanced version Druid?