Advanced version Paladin


PRO PvP + PvE Routines for ALL class specs (Single + AoE)

  • Based on resources simcraft / icy veins / wowhead, including the conditions of imun for PvP and many other smart conditions for each specialization and situation

* Included Cleansing Light if you have free window, Freedom yourself, Divine Steed and Hand of Hindrance (logic for slow target if he is out of melee range)

* CD Burst Toggle and Azerite traits are included (community profiles)

HOLY: Damage rotation also available for targettarget unit if your current target friendly


Smart Trinket rotation

  • Script will match that will better use first when you will need any fast trinket
  • Only if you have specially CC debuff
  • Stuns without another type CC -> Human
  • Other CC or if Human on cd -> Gladiator’s medallion


Smart Kicker and AntiFake ManuallyKick

  • Kicker has filters for unit specs and their cast names. Only arena1-3 units (not your target and only at Arena, BG zone)
  • ManuallyKick never kick inaccessible or empty cast bar on your TARGET unit. He check imun buffs/debuffs also!


ReTarget and ReFocus

  • Returns the last stored target and focus (only Arena)
  • Get the invisible (druid, mage or rogue) unit as focus after opening the Arena gate and as soon as he appears he will immediately return as exist focus
  • Retarget very useless against Hunter “Pretending to be dead”


TotemTarget and Flags (R)BG

  • You need move mouse under unit bar to use it
  • These opportunities are editable
  • You can set totem names which you want to target also as flags


Passive Rotation

  • HealthStone, Lay on Hands,
  • Use of protected abilities (Eye for an Eye; Shield of Vengeance; Divine Protection; Guardian of Ancient Kings; Ardent Defender; Light of the Protector)

Macro Spells

SMART (created by Rank1 player):

  • BoP, Freedom, Dispel, Blessing of Sanctuary
  • AntiFake StunTarget
  • or any another CC spell for any one unit

Checking range, imun buffs (like buble, ground totem) and debuffs (like cyclone) for your unit. Never miss your CC any more

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