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Private License

The story behind Private mode, in the beginning, is an idea suggested by our community that wanted to support GGLoader more and receive better security in return. We always strive to be transparent and achieve want our community want us to give them, this is one of our biggest requested features till this date.

Private Mode is a slotted security system with a monthly based subscription to it. Only a certain amount of users can purchase Private mode until it’s taken off sale when slots are opened again.

Even if GGLoader have never been a part of a ban-wave in World Of Warcraft it’s clear that it’s better to be safe than sorry, wise words from our developers. We are still updating the security constantly on our systems and servers in order to protect the era of GGLoader that is World Of Warcraft most customizable Combat Routine.

You only have to purchase Private Mode once and not multiple times, with the purchase of Private mode comes 1 month of private license. Private license is a monthly thing. You have to purchase both Renew license + Private license in order to your account active.



23.70 euro



1 month

Only for users with PRIVATE

Renew License should also be paid

Not for Trial or Private Version purchase

With purchasing you accept our Terms and Conditions

Also this procedure (purchase, payment, service) does not include any method of tracking and delivery

Purchase is irrevocable (no refund), you also accept this before buy