User Agreement

The Administration of publishes this User Agreement (referred to herein as “User Agreement”, “the Agreement” or “the Contract”) which is a public offer within the meaning of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation with respect to users of the Service (referred to herein as the “User”.)

We ask you to carefully read the terms of use expressed herein before accepting the Contract. Using the services of the Contractor, you understand the conditions set forth in the Contract and undertake to comply with them. In case of disagreement with any clauses of the Contract, or in case they are unclear to you, you must refuse usage of the Contractor’s services. Use of the Contractor’s services without consent to the terms of The Contract is prohibited.

The Agreement comes into full force and effect from the moment of its Acceptance by the User.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. For purposes of the Contract, following terms are used:

1.1.1. “Acceptance” – full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of the Contract by buying access to the paid part of the Service.

1.1.2. “Add-on” (or “addon”) – software, modifications of existing software, etc., designed to add various game functionality to an existing computer game.

1.1.3. “User” – an individual who uses the Service.

1.1.4. “Agreement” – this Agreement, concluded by the Parties in an offer-acceptance form without signing a separate written document.

1.1.5. “Service” – Internet service on the Internet, located at

1.1.6. “Party” or “Parties” – the Administration and the User.

1.1.7. “Forum” or “Forums” – third-party-owned forums, including but not limited to (or

2. Acceptance of the Agreement​

2.1. The User intending to use Services is obliged to accept the Agreement.

2.2. The Agreement is accepted in a form of acquisition of access to the paid part of the Service.

2.3. Acceptance of the Contract is possible with simultaneous observance of the following conditions:

2.3.1. Careful reading by the User of all conditions of the Agreement.

2.3.2. Consent of the User to comply with all the terms of the Agreement.

2.3.3. Acquaintance and acceptance of the Privacy Policy of the Service by the User.

3. Subject-matter of the contract

3.1. In accordance with the Agreement, the Administration of grants the User a license (the right to use the functionality of the Service). Access can be made:

3.1.1. In the form of free access: solely for the purpose of familiarization with the open part of the service.

3.1.2. In the form of paid access: to be able to use all the features of the Service. Paid functionality of the Service includes the ability to gain access to informational materials (such as reviews, comments, articles, headings, etc.) posted on the Service. A detailed description of the materials is always contained directly on the Service itself.

3.2. The User understands that all materials presented on the Service in the form of reviews, comments, articles, headings, etc. are for informational purposes only. The Administration provides only information about the add-ons developed by third-party developers within the framework of the Service. The Administration is neither the copyright holder of the addons provided in the Service, nor a representative of the copyright holders and is in no way affiliated with the Rightsholders.

3.3. The User understands that the Service is created solely for lawful actions. Any use of the functionality of the Service that leads to or may lead to a violation of the requirements of validly enacted legislation in force is strictly prohibited.

3.4. In addition to providing access to the functionality of the Service, the Administration may send a request to verify the account of the User to the Administration of the Forums, at its sole and absolute discretion.

4. Payment procedure

4.1. The User is obliged to become familiar with all the terms of the Agreement, as well as with information about the content of the paid part of the Service posted on the Service, before paying for access to the Service. Payment for access to the paid part of the Service is possible only with the full consent of the User with all the terms of the User Agreement.

4.2. The User is obliged to contact the Administration for clarification, if the User has any questions regarding the content of the paid part of the Service or other misunderstandings.

4.3. After the User has received all the necessary information, the User has the right to place an order for access to the paid part of the Service.

4.4. The User must use the appropriate interface of the Service to make a payment.

4.5. Payment for the Service to the Administration by the User may be made by using regularly available and lawful payment systems (such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or like means). At the same time, the User should independently familiarize himself with the conditions of making payments to the Administration by payment systems with the help of which payment for services is made.

4.6. The User is solely responsible in the case of the User incorrectly filling in the data when making a payment. The User agrees that the Administration is not responsible for the work of payment systems and possible failures in their work.

4.7. Payment is considered to be effected only at the time of receipt of funds to the payee.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1. The User acknowledges that the Service, its interface and content (including but not limited to design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their collections associated with the Service) are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other rights that belong to the Administration or other legal rights holders.

5.2. Unless otherwise expressly specified in the Contract, nothing in the Contract can be regarded as the transfer of exclusive rights to the Site or its components to the User.

6. Legal regulation

6.1. The relations of the Parties under the Contract are governed by the validly enacted legislation in force of the Russian Federation, irrespective of the location of each of the Parties.

7. Document flow

7.1. The Contract in the form of the Agreement is concluded in the offer-acceptance form without signing a separate written document.

7.2. Except for the electronic form of signing of the Agreement, any other electronic interaction of the Parties, including the chat, using a special widget, correspondence in instant messengers, is not intended by the parties to have any effect or legal force, and is agreed to have no effect or legal force.

8. Responsibility

8.1. The Parties shall be liable in accordance with applicable law for improper or incomplete performance, or failure to perform the obligations provided for in the Contract.

8.2. The User understands that the Administration does not provide any other services other than providing access to the functionality of the Service. The Administration does not develop software that can be mentioned on the forum and does not bear any responsibility for the compliance of such software with legal requirements, and does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of using such software.

8.3. The User understands that any correspondence in the chat, using a special widget or via instant messengers, is for informational and entertaining purposes only. The User understands that the “contacts” button on the Service is of an exclusively referential character, and that through this button the User gets to the forum page, where the contacts of the forum experts are located. Any assertions, statements, opinions, recommendations, suggestions, judgements, references or like statements given whether intentionally, fraudulently, erroneously or otherwise via chat or instant messengers indicated on the forum are not statements or opinions of the Administration and have no legal force, but are private statements or opinions of a particular forum specialist, for whose actions the Administration is not responsible.

8.4. Any claims related to the use of software, information about which may be presented in the Service, must be addressed directly to the copyright holder of such software with which the Administration is not connected in any way.

8.5. The user understands that the Administration has no relation to the forums that may be mentioned in the Service, including but not limited to the forum (or The Administration does not own the specified forum, is not a representative of the forum and does not bear any responsibility for the actions of the User related to the use of this forum, and further is not responsible for the actions of the forum itself, for the materials and information posted on the forum.

8.6. All the consequences associated with the use of forums that may be mentioned in the Service, including but not limited to the (or forum, are borne by the User. At the same time, the Administration is not a representative of the User on the forum and is not responsible for the actions performed by the Users through the forum.

8.7. Any claims that may arise when using forums mentioned in the Service, including but not limited to the (or forum, the User must directly address to the Administration of the forum itself.

8.8. In case of detection of any violations found in the activities of the forum, the User is obliged to conduct proceedings directly with the Administration of the forum.

8.9. In all cases, the total amount of responsibility of the Administration for damages to a specific User in accordance with the provisions of Art. 15 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is limited to 500 rubles.

8.10. The Administration of shall not be liable under any circumstances for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage (including lost profits, damage caused by data loss or otherwise) caused in connection with the use of the Service or the inability to use it, including case of failure of the Service or any other interruption in the use of the Service, even if the Administration of has warned of or indicated the possibility of such damage.

8.11. The Administration reserves the right to remove any information from the pages of the Service at its discretion without explanation, as well as the right to change the content of the paid part of the Service.

8.12. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Service is provided on an “as it is” basis. The Administration of does not provide any guarantees regarding the consequences of using the Service, or the interaction of the Service with other software.

8.13. The Service or its elements may periodically be partially or completely unavailable due to the implementation of preventive or other technical works that ensure the normal operation of the Service. In this case, the Administration of is not liable for notifying the User, and nor does the Administration bear any liability for non-receipt of information by the User.

8.14. The Service may contain links, including advertising, to other Third Party Services on the Internet (herein referred to as “Third Party Services”). The specified third parties and their content are not checked by the Administration of for compliance with any requirements (such as for accuracy, completeness, legality, etc.). The Administration of is not responsible for any information, materials posted on the Third Party Services, to which the User gets access using the Service, including for any opinions or statements expressed on the Third Party Services, advertising, etc. and also for the availability of such Services or content and the consequences of their use by the User.

8.15. A link (in any form) to any service, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Service is not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services, activities) by the Administration of

9. The circumstances of force majeure

9.1. The Parties shall not be liable for the full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Contract due to force majeure circumstances that have arisen beyond the will of the Parties and cannot had been foreseen or prevented, namely: earthquake, flood, other natural disasters, war, civil war, blockade, embargo, strike, or by the adoption by public authorities of acts that impede the implementation of the Agreement – or by any similar measures or circumstances beyond the immediate control of the parties.

9.2. A certificate issued by a local, regional or national authority is sufficient evidence of the existence and duration of force majeure circumstances.

9.3. A party that does not fulfill its obligations due to force majeure circumstances must send a written notice to the other Party about the obstacle and its impact on the performance of obligations under the Contract, and must do so within ten calendar days of the date on which the force majeure circumstances affected performance of obligations.

10. Processing of personal data

10.1. Administration of the Service in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Service under no circumstances collects, stores and processes personal data of the User.

11. The procedure for changing and terminating the contract

11.1. The Agreement can be changed at any time by the Administration unilaterally without prior or subsequent coordination with the User. Subsequent publication of the amended terms in the Service is mandatory.

11.2. The User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the Agreement while committing any legally significant action on the Service, and bears the full risk of non-compliance with the requirements of this clause.

11.3. If the User does not agree with the changes, it has the right to refuse to use the Service. The User unconditionally accepts all changes and undertakes to comply with them in case it continues to use the Service after changes are made to the Agreement.

11.4. The Administration has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally and limit the access of the User to the Service without any prior or subsequent notification to the User at any time. In the event of such termination, the Administration does not acquire any obligations to the User, including no obligations to return the funds, pay compensation, etc., since the service is considered provided from the moment the User is granted access to the Service.

11.5. The User has the right to terminate the Agreement by sending to the Administration a notice of termination of the Agreement. The Agreement will be deemed terminated after expiration of 30 days after the Administration receives such notice. In the event of termination of the Agreement at the initiative of the User, the Administration restricts the access of such User to the Service.

12. Solving the contentious issues

12.1. All disputes between the Parties are to be resolved through negotiation.

12.2. The Parties hereby agree that that the claim (pre-judicial) procedure for the settlement of disputes arising from the implementation of the Contract is mandatory for them.

12.3. Claims under the Agreement may be sent by the Parties by email to

12.4. The Parties agreed that the term for responding to a claim cannot exceed 30 calendar days.

12.5. In the event of litigation between the Parties in respect of or in relation to the Agreement or use of the Service, the case is subject to review at the location of the Administration or another location at the Administration’s sole choice and election.

13. Other conditions

13.1. The Agreement is concluded by the Parties for an indefinite period, valid from the moment of acceptance by the User and until its termination.

13.2. The Parties agreed that the norms of current validly enacted legislation in force are to be applied to all aspects not covered by the Agreement.

13.3. This written Contract contains the entire scope of agreements, undertakings, promises and warranties between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of the Contract, and the Parties agree that entry into the Contract revokes and invalidates all other obligations or representations that were or could have been accepted or made by the Parties in oral or written form before entry into the Contract.

13.4. The User understands and agrees that after paying for license to use the Service, the User is not entitled to claim money refund. The Administration has the right to meet the User’s claim and make a refund, in all cases this is a right, and not responsibility of the Administration.